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Welcome to the KWA Help Desk!
Posted by KWA [Jim R.] on 19 August 2011 09:58 AM

First Time User?

-Evaluate your needs

  • KWA Pro Shop- For part inquiries, please have part numbers ready. Diagrams can be accessed on our online Pro Shop at This Link.
  • KWA Repair Center- For out of warranty items.
  • KWA Warranty Service- Items within 90 days of purchase. Review warranty card for terms and conditions. Must have original dated purchase receipt.
  • KWA General Questions- We do not discuss upcoming releases or prices.
  • KWA Technical Questions- For troubleshooting tips. We apologize, however we do not give out repair instructions due to liability.
  • KWA Authorized Dealer RMA (For Dealers Only)- For our KWA Authorized Resellers only, do not use unless you are a KWA Authorized Reseller.
  • PTS Warranty Only- For PTS RM4 ERG Warranty Repairs only. If non warranty, please use Repair Center.

 *For additional technical information please visit our forum. Our forum is an excellent source of information for the KWA enthusiast. You will find posts related to everything from cosmetic enhancements to performance upgrades and everything in between.


-What do I need to know when submitting a ticket?

1. When submitting a ticket please include:

a. Full name and complete shipping address

b. Contact phone number

c. Gun model and serial number (located on the gun)

d. Brand and weight of bbs being used

e. If AEG what type of battery being used

f. Where the gun was purchased and the purchase date

g. Brief but specific explanation of what the problem is

2. You may be asked additional questions or be given trouble shooting instructions before being issued an RMA number.

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Posted by KWA [Jim R.] on 01 March 2010 01:58 PM
Due to recent enforcement of US importation regulations of airsoft replicas, orange tipped flash hiders must be permanently affixed onto the barrels to help law enforcement distinguish an airsoft gun from a real firearm. Altering or removing the coloration or markings required by state or federal law is dangerous and may be a crime.
The user assumes all risks and responsibility when doing so.

If removal of the orange tipped flash hider is necessary for service or repair, please follow the directions below.

The barrels of the KM4A1 Carbine, KM4 CQB, KM4 RIS have a two piece construction. Improper use of force while removing the flash hider may result in barrel breakage at the threads. Please use a heat gun, preset at 350°F or higher, to soften the adhesive inside the threading on the flash hider.

DO NOT attempt to remove the tip while holding onto the body of the airsoft gun as shown.

Use two vice grip or channel lock to hold the gun at the two indicated areas. Secure A with vice grip while twisting B counterclockwise to remove the tip. Note: To avoid damage to the barrel surface from the vice grip, warp small strips of cloth around barrel area A and B first.

FYI... not ALL models are affected. SR series do not have the same barrel design and the latest batch of KM4 RIS is now using a 1 solid piece outer barrel. However, the tip is still glued on and must be heated up before attempting to remove the flash hider.

If you would like to follow the forum discussion, please follow this link.

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SERVICE ADVISORY - MP7 Bolt Catch fails to lock
Posted by KWA [Jim R.] on 25 February 2010 11:03 AM

We have received a couple reports on MP7 Bolt Catch fail to lock when magazine is empty.

The problem is due to damaging the BB Follower by continuously slamming/springing the BB Follower when magazine is empty.

MP7 Magazine

This should be the correct position for BB Follower when BB is emptied in the magazine.

When BB Follower is pushed all the way up, it will engage the lock to catch the bolt.

When BB Follower is damaged. It will caught outside of the mag well and will not push all the way up.

Hence the Bolt Catch arm will not engage and fail to catch the bolt when mag is empty.

Do not release magazine follower when the magazine is empty. Doing so will damage the magazine and magazine

To view the forum discussion on this topic, click the following link.

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Posted by KWA [Jim R.] on 24 February 2010 11:54 AM

Recently, we have been getting in a lot of returns with a cracked hopup. 

After inspection, the common cause is related to installing after an market flash hider. Many of them have a smaller inner diameter and cause the barrel to push backward into the hopup unit.  

See video below.

To view the forum discussion, please follow this link.

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