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Why train with airsoft products ?

KWA Professional Training Products are designed to reinforce proficiency and survivability in tactical training programs. Repetition and consistency are essential to the professional who relies on trained core fundamentals to accomplish the mission.

Every model is 1:1 scale with its firearm counterpart, allowing customization and compatibility with individual gear and accessories. Realistic fire controls, recoil action, and safety features are recreated for a more dynamic training experience without the fear of accidental discharges that can endanger lives.

KWA Professional Training Products utilize Force Velocity and NS2 gas systems to maintain performance and efficiency. A hop-up system is integrated into every barrel assembly to correct point of impact shifts. All KWA PTPs use 6mm low impact BBs that minimize liability and maximize cost savings, making KWA products the logical choice.

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"The realism to the issued weapons is unparallel, no configuration to the weapon, and you can concentrate on the training instead of counting the rounds you are spending.

–Agent Hernandez R. : US Border Patrol

“After the initial purchase of the equipment the cost savings in BB’s Vs Simmunition rounds is unbelievable.”

–Agent Weaver J. : US Department of Homeland Security

“Solid Platform, I can use my optics and illumination tools from my duty weapon to KWA training system, the craftsmanship and the build is top notch

–Deputy Evans P. : San Diego Sheriffs Department

“We are the first ones to deploy the MP7A1 as an entry Weapon, and KWA MP7A1 is what we use for training”

–Mace C. : Colorado Springs Police Department

“Both of the trainers and the students was very please with the performance, reliability and the realism of the KWA training system, very cost effective products”.

–Lt. Dobrowski M. : Federal Bureau of Prisons

"Mixing weapon manipulation and medicine is complicated. I have been using the KM4-RIS and the KWA PTP pistols in my Tactical Medical classes for about a year now. It's a great way to teach shooters how to provide Care Under Fire and Tactical Field Care in a physiologically accurate high stress enviroment. The KM4-RIS and the PTP's provide a high fidelity platform to safely teach these skills while still maintaining tactical awareness and the ability to engage threats as they arise. KWA makes a great product that is durable, reliable, and meets my needs as a professional trainer."

–Bill Lewitt : Critical Care Paramedic- RN, Lead Medical Instructor
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