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KWA G36c Upgrade Help

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#1 Animalmother



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Posted 27 September 2012 - 04:11 PM

Well, my gearbox is in pieces.
I bought this Sept 13 2010 it's a G2X version.

Well, i have a lonex POM pistom and a lonex red piston lying around.

My main goal was simply maintenance. I cleaned it out, used green slime and regreased everything cleaned contacts etc... You guys no the drill.

It's had no maintece since i bought.

I also have a systema m120s spring i am going to throw in there.

Hopup bucking sticks into the barrel it probably balloned from silcone oil way back when i though i was ok to lube it, i cleaned it up but its old.

M120s spring
Which hopup bucking? Systema work without compression issues? I also have a stock tokyo marui bucking.
I want to avoid surprises like compresssion issues. Yes the answer is stairing in front of my but i want to hear it from you guys.

Ill put in the new spring. The lonex piston head and piston though i am not sure if i should swap in. The stock one does had little bit of wear. I think the stock barrel is fine, dont see anything wrong with the inner barrel.

Which bucking work that have good compression?

Phill? You out there? I read yor work... Shine it.

Thanks guys

ps: i also need a new body/front end around the inner barrel plastic assembly.

#2 philsaudio



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Posted 28 September 2012 - 05:07 AM

If the stock piston still works, keep it and don't mess with it or the CH, more than likely your AOE is good stock. Messing with those parts is opening the Kan Works Alovertheplace (KWA). I messed with AOE and it stripped out the piston first thing. I got an SHS green to work in there now but I changed the gears too. You could vent the piston head easily without adversely affecting anything else. Be carefull. I am using the KWA piston head I vented in another build.

Somebody told me ( I think it was Hamsa at Airsoft Atlanta) that the bucking in the G36 KWA is either thinner or thicker than most other buckings. It is one of those parts you want to keep stock in the G36C.  The bucking in my pre2gx KWA is the stock bucking. I would begin by washing yours in dish soap and letting it dry out. Then give it another try.  I put Loctite anaerobic gasket maker / anaerobic activator on the end or the bucking near the exit of the barrel and let it cure for a day for best compression.

My stock barrel, hopup and nozzle shoot pretty straight. It shoots 410 with the hop up off and a guarder 110. With the hop up adjusted for flat travel it shoots 399.

Good luck.

#3 Animalmother



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Posted 29 September 2012 - 12:38 PM

Thanks for your help, I left the stock piston and swaped out the head to the lonex POM.
It seems like the muzzle report is down but with that new spring my 7.4v 2000mah lipo locks up a bit more in semi.
1st time i worked on a V3. Wow, that shell was annoying to close. I got the sucker closed finally, used green slime from team associated in everything from my cylinder to gears. Woke up in the morning and saw rust forming on the gearbox shell by the outside the top of cylinder. I said fu## it.

As for reading that they don't need shims. Well, the gears could use shims but i said Fu## it to that to. it's 2 year old gun.

It seems to be shooting .25s pretty hard. I imagine the cheap screws head stripping if i ever open it up again. I'll try to be better prepared.

Thanks for your shining your help Phill. Might try that flathop next.

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