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Reminisce on Days Past...

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Posted 13 August 2012 - 10:06 PM

Then and again I reminisce on the days past and think of all the good times I've had playing this sport we know as Airsoft. I've made many friends, and many enemies, especially on the battlefield. As I continue to expand my KWA arsenal, I think back on the good times I've had using KWA's guns. And as I wait for my brand new MK II 1911 to come in from California, I think back on my previous side arm, the KWA M9 PTP. This thread is a dedication to the pistol that I have come to love so much. It is also a thread for all of us to post stories of how our guns have outperformed during the heat of battle, and in the backyard popping off cans. Let us reminisce...

The KWA M9 PTP was my first airsoft gun I've ever purchased, but I knew about all the other companies. I went with KWA for their reliable and amazingly built gas blow backs, but then soon I found out what excellent customer service KWA has as well. My first airsoft days were born when I unboxed the package that came from California, a brown box that held my M9 during transit. The same kind of box that is carrying my new sidearm, the MK II. My excitement in opening the box and seeing this beauty, the M9, is unexplainable. I knew I fell in love. It was the beginning of summer, and gas gun season was about to start...

With my first bag of .23 gram bbs, and two cans of green gas ordered off Amazon, I set out to my backyard. I was not a bad shot, but certainly missed a lot. But one thing was for sure, I loved the M9 and that I'd continue shooting it. I practiced and became a pretty good shot that I am today (if I don't say so myself!). I went through the two cans of green gas that same day, and had fallen in love. I was new to airsoft, new to gas guns, and haven't had much experience at that point. It was during that time that I was taken to my first airsoft game.

I didn't bring my M9 to the game, because I thought I would lose it, so I borrowed a friends AEG. The gun shot at an insanely high fps, but didn't bring the satisfaction the M9 gave me. Ambush after ambush, I wish I had just dropped the AEG and pulled out my M9 to run at the incoming enemy, but couldn't because I didn't have my trusty pistol handy.

This all changed when I fielded my M9 for the first time. It was also the very first time I'd play CQB. With M9 at the ready, and two separate magazines, I made due, and fended off hordes of enemy combatants with my 'ol warhorse. With a little help from these forums, I learned that I wasn't filling my magazines up to their full potential, so before the game, I filled them for longer, and experienced gas efficiency I had never seen before. The M9 PTP kept me surprised at how easily I was able to pick off foes. I held an entire area by myself long enough for our team to win. I also learned to run quickly throughout the arena, and pop enemies on the fly. I became so proficient with my newfound best friend, I placed first in my first ever sudden-death free for all match. I even won third place in a pistol shooting competition held by NYC Airsoft.

Of course, that is not the end of the story with my M9. Several months later, and many more confirmed kills tallied onto the boards, I got a stupid idea from the heat and lack of hydration to decide to sand the lower frame. This made my M9 ugly to some, but to me, this gave it character. I continued using the gun, racking up kills before my very eyes. You would think this beast was a sidearm, but I used it as a primary, nearly every battle I've attended.

I thought things would change as soon as I bought my KM4 RIS, but they didn't. I admired my pistol's action again and again, one time in particular where my friends and I were holding a hill. Shout out to aaps59 for sticking by me as the "vietcong" came running up the hill on all sides with infinite respawns. We had to fend them off for 2 hours, and we only had one life to do so. My M9 found itself for the first time in a holster. I was using my KM4 and thought I wouldn't need a sidearm. This all changed as my battery died. Another shout out to Mars478 for trying to throw me his extra battery, but the wire split as I caught it. I remember, my trusty 'ol warhorse was in its saddle, just waiting to be shot. I drew it, and my team held the hill for two straight hours, and won the game, against an infinitely respawn-ing opposing force. In the summer heat, my gbb M9 PTP outshot and outperformed many of my enemy's AEGs.

As I write these words, and as I reminisce on days past, I smile to myself thinking that these stories are true, and how that my M9 has brought me through a lot. And I have brought IT through a lot as well… It will always remain my first pistol, my 'ol warhorse, my first love, but it may finally be the right time to let it ride on my hip permanently. Perhaps it will finally find it its role as a secondary. My new MK II 1911 is on its way, and that brings me a whole new challenge to overcome. The M9 PTP gave me a platform to learn off from, as the periodical breaking has taught me a lot about gas blowback parts and "how it all works."

I have more stories if you guys would like to hear, but I encourage you to chime in as well…Let's reminisce on days past: write about your favorite gun from KWA-- what kind of stories you've had with it, and what kind of amazing feats it performed to surprise you. Include its life story if you'd like. :)


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Posted 14 August 2012 - 09:56 AM

I'm old school.  I'm afraid of the name "Kokusai"

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