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Sand/Dirst All Over M9PTP

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Posted 20 March 2009 - 08:00 PM


I've had the worst case scenario happen to me. My KWA M9 PTP was dropped during the game. It got SOOOOOOOO sandy. Inside and on the outside. I lost it, but found it. I tried to use it again. There was so much sand that it didnt work.

The mag spring wouldnt not go down. If it did, it would be so rough. It doesnt work properly.

All the moving parts are so rough and grity when they move.

The safety is so hard to move cus sand got everywer.

The hammer is so rough and grity cuz of the sand when I try to pull it down.

Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is how in the world can I clean this thing! I've wasted 4/5th of my air compressor thing blowing all the crap away. Still SO MUCH LEFT.

Please it would help if someone can tell me/guide me on how to take the gun apart COMPLETELY. If not, I have to ake it to airsoft gi to repair it which costs 45-50+ dollars.

Also I need to know how to open completely the mag.

The KWA M9 PTP was for my birthday. Really love it. Hope it is repairable

Last thing, please guys try to help me to resolve this problem. I really need a sidearm as a sniper and I am going on alot of airsoft games soon and you guys know how hard it is to not shoot someone with 500+fps 10ft away.

Okay now, my goal is to clean it from the inside out.  I can take of the basic parts, but I need to know how to take out everything else including the hammer, etc.  Please any1 know how to do this?  Also just basically all the parts that r not so hard to put back together i want to take apart.  


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