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M11A1 Ns2 Not Firing

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 11:05 PM

I started having this problem quite a while ago and haven't gotten around to researching this until now.  The mag is full of gas and bbs, and when i try to shoot it, the slide just moves forward like there's no gas.  From what I have read, it could be the release valve on the mag, which seems to work fine on mine, the cylinder, the spring, or a swollen hop up bucking.  The cylinder is fine, as well as the spring, and hop up bucking.  Im planning on ordering more mags in the future, but i want to get a second opinion before deciding how many.  Anyone else have this issue?

#2 Outlaw1995



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Posted 27 March 2012 - 02:25 PM

You've had the same issue I experience. For a quick in the moment fix, push the release valve and release a little gas with your thumb... then put it back into your gun and it should fire. But when you are home, order yourself new valves, yours seem to be a little stiff. Or, you can drop a bit of silicon oil on the release valve and let it settle in... that sometimes works too.

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Posted 07 May 2012 - 07:31 PM


It is a lot worse then that, which "Outlaw1995" has told you.  I just purchased my new M11A1-NS2 on April 15th & due to the Mag problems that my Son has had with his Pistol Mags Leakingm I decided to buy two 48 round Mags just in case.  When I 1st shot the gun, no problems, except that I could not fire off the entire clip & we thought that it was just because of the amount of Gas we put into it & probably is.

So next shooting by my Son since we were very excited to have this Mini-Uzi style Gun & his 1st 2 shots were like firing blanks with a little puff of air. & the BB would stick in the Hop-Up, then after 2 shots, it started to fire OK, but still emptied the clip.  But, Alas, I had bought a 2nd clip & to our surprise, the exact same thing happened.   So I did what "Outlaw1995" told you and it worked, BUT, once the tank temp reaches the actual ambient temp and the pressure inside rises accordingly, you will fire blanks again.

In the world of Airsoft battles, you cannot play around like that when you need for your new gun to work the 1st time you pull the trigger,  Anyone who knows the relationship between Gas Pressure, Liquid 7 ambient Temperature can easily tell you what gas that you should use for your gun to work correctly.  Green Gas & Propane have the same Gas pressures, & the only lower pressure Gas that you could use is 134A refrigerant, which I believe is in the bottles of Gas Duster (that Kids Huff to kill their Brain Cells with because the refrigerant displaces theiir oxygen and nearly kills them),

"Outlaw1995" would be correct if you push your plunger relief valve in when there is no gas in the magazine, and you have resistance, but I bet that you do not.  I'm writing you this because I bought mine from Evike, who I happen to really like, except for their, I pay the shipping cost to get it back to them for warranty.  NOT SO, in this case because I explained my problem in detail and with Gas characteristics knowledge.  By the way, how do you think your M11A1-NS2 will work when its 90 deg F outside, because Gas Pressure rises proportionately.

My Suggestion is that you nNOT wait another day and call KWA TEch Support and tell them exactly what happened with your M11A1-NS2 & that there are others out there with the exact same problem.

I do not know about you, but I can't blow $140 on a Gas Blowback gun and just use it as a paper weight, because you will get killed in battle with that thing as-is.  One more thing I forgot to mention & that is the EVIKE TEam has been very responsive to my problem & have even told me that they will have to Break the Gun down twice to fix the problem.  Now what Tech guy would ever tell you that?

Good Luck & Best Wishes,
The BigDog

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