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Bb Compatability

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Posted 13 April 2011 - 07:01 PM

I just bought a new KWA G36C with the x2 gearbox and the HK Logo on the side.  The sticker on the front of the box states that .25g BBs should be used in it.  All I have are .20g BBs (6mm).

Just a couple of questions... Firstly, I have fired about 100 of the .20g BBs and noticed no jams or problems of any kind.  Could this damage the gun in some way?

Secondly, if using the .20g BBs over the .25g BBs does not hurt the gun in any way, what effect on the FPS will the lighter BB have?  Using the lighter BB should increase the FPS, right?

I'm hoping that as long as I am using a 6mm BBs, that I am ok... Is that so?

Lastly, does dry-firing the gun hurt it in any way?  At the store, the store owner was showing it to me and pulled the trigger a couple times to demonstrate the single and full auto functions.  I am a little worried about that.

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Posted 13 April 2011 - 10:49 PM

KWA recommends .25g because the weight is better for the FPS that gun is shooting for better accuracy.   .20g will work fine though. It is a personal choice. Check out my channel: youtube.com/danph77    there is a video on there talking about this.

Dry firing does not hurt the gun if you dont do it excessively. I only dry fire to reset the spring and clear the chamber of BBs

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Posted 19 April 2011 - 12:06 AM

The weight of the bb affects the range, more or less. The lighter the bb, the higher the velocity is right when it leaves the muzzle. However, air significantly slows the bb down over a short period of time. Heavier bb's can retain the velocity better than a lighter bb. That is why KWA recommends .25g's over .20's, because the .25g will travel farther and more accurately, because the heavier weight retains the velocity longer.

The brand of bb's that you use is a more important factor in properly maintaining your gun, because low quality bb's, due to poor manufacturing, can scratch your barrel and cause jams. If you talk to KWA customer service, you'll find out that many guns that come into repair, follow a trend of the sort of bb's they use. Believe it or not, many brands of bb's that people swear by and list as high quality, are the sort of bb's that were often used to-be-repaired KWAs.

Aside from that, I always recommend to stick to KSC bb's if the user can. It's undeniably a safe choice.

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