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Which bucking/barrel combinations will work?

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Posted 25 October 2008 - 06:32 PM

View Postapollolanding, on Oct 25 2008, 01:46 PM, said:

The Mad Bull Shark 60 Degree Silicone bucking will fit if you cut about 3-4mm off of the end.  Here's what I did using the stock barrel (and plan to do with my Prommy TB coming soon).  Remove the barrel and hop up chamber, turn the hop up all of the way down.  Clean all lube off of the exterior of the hop up end of the barrel using a water based degreaser.  Cut the Mad bull bucking by squeezing the bucking flat with a metal ruler. use an Exacto knife and push down through the bucking to cut it.  Do not use scisors as they will not make a straight cut.  Slide the bucking onto the degreased barrel end.  Now lube the heck out of the exterior of the bucking and twist as you push it into the hop up chamber.  Make sure not to displace the nub when you insert the barrel (if you left the hopup on, the nub WILL pop out).  As previously mentioned, look through the barrel and turn the hopup on and off to ensure that the nub is centered in the barrel slot.  Lube the entire barrel length and reinsert it into the outer barrel.  Close the patient up.  I used the H nub that came with the Shark.  With the H-nub I hardly have to dial up the hopup to get the desired spin (about half the abount as the stock bucking).  While not a "plug and play" operation, anybody with the slightest mechanical inclination can do it.  If you can put a model airplane together, you can do this.  Oh I am showing my age there... You see there used to be these things called models.  They were plastic and you put them together using a really stong smelling glue...  ;)

I have the same bucking and I found that it's not the nub that gives it a good spin, it's the bucking.  I'm assuming since the silicone bucking is so flexible, it is easily pushed down, therefore you don't need to turn the hop up....um up much lol  

I tried the rubber bucking and it did not get the same results, so I think it's due to the silicone bucking's flexibility.

#22 triple b

triple b


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Posted 30 October 2008 - 10:13 PM

KM TN fits with guarder 70 % ......bucking

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Posted 03 November 2008 - 04:17 PM

DBC Barrel and Mad Bull Shark bucking is a great fitting combo.

This past weekend, I switched over to a DBC 509 barrel and a Mad Shark bucking. The Shark package includes a clear silicon and and a harder black rubber; I'm using the latter as I'm also running a M140 spring (maybe soon to be M150).

For the barrel and bucking fit with the KWA hop chamber, the DBC and Shark fit as well if not better than the stock bucking. With just a light spray of silicon lube, it slips into the hopup with minimal effort, twisting, or fuss. No bunching at all and it held its position. This means no trimming from the length to clear the C-clamp, and less chance of the air nozzle seal or internal material being deformed or out of position.

The kit includes a nub with a larger cutout than the H nub; trying this out just for grins.

Also ordered and tried with the DBC was the Guarder 70 degree; it didn't even begin to want to slide in without bunching up; no joy there.

#24 triple b

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Posted 04 November 2008 - 10:23 PM

guarder 70 % works with prommy tight bore .603 509mm

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Posted 07 November 2008 - 01:50 PM

A Prometheus 6.03 407mm + Echo 1 H nub + KWA OEM Bucking = One accurate rifle. At about 50 yards I was able to hit my target 9 out of 10 times. At 65 yards it dropped to about 6 out of 10 but still that's really good. I didn't use a paper target but rather a life-sized cardboard box, (actually 3 boxes stacked up to form the silhouette of a man) My barrel was brand new, and I didn't get a chance to 'break it in" but as a I shoot I figure it will only get better.

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Posted 08 November 2008 - 01:37 PM

Picking up a Systema 455mm (I don't really consider it a true "tightbore" at 6.04mm) barrel this week (covering extra length with a Blackside Supressor).  Will try MadBull and Systema buckings and report results.  Does anybody know when the KWA Pro Shop will be stocking the OEM buckings again?  I had damn accurate results with the OEM bucking and the "Fishbone" nub from Madbull on the stock barrel in the stock hop up.

EDIT 081121 - Got the Systema 6.04x455mm inner barrel and Blackside.  Still had to cut 2-3 mm off of the Shark 60 degree bucking but it went in the hop up easier than the stock inner barrel.  At 100-150 feet this combo is a laser beam!  10 shots in a row inside a 6 inch circle.

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