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M19 Firing Problem

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Posted 21 September 2010 - 05:42 PM

Alrighty, so I've got a problem with my M19...

When I bought it used a while ago, it worked for a while without problems but soon the slide would stop cycling all the way back (or at all most of the time) and I would have to manually pull back the slide to fire. Well, reading that it could be a bad floating valve or recoil spring, I simply bought new parts and installed them. Guarder recoil spring went in fine, but the Airsoft Surgeon Floating Valve has been nothing but trouble. When I was putting the loading nozzle back into the mechanism it attaches to (idk what it's called), the two springs, Part 23 on the diagram, got pretty badly mis-shapen. I straightened them out as best I could and put everything back together. Also, one of the tabs where the springs push against snapped, but I can super glue it if it would fix the problem. Now, when I fire the gun, the slide still doesn't cycle and it will expel all of the gas after a couple of shots. Someone help please; did I mess something up?? Will buying new springs fix it? If so, where can I buy them?

Also some misc. questions to go with this.

One of my mags is missing an o-ring at the fill valve. Is this piece important, and where can I get another one?

Another pretty important question, would my M19's mag catch work in an M18c?

I know I've got a lot of questions, but any help with them would be greatly appreciated.

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