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MP7 complete disassembly anyone?

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Posted 21 April 2010 - 11:36 AM

Trying to disassembly my MP7 and can't seem to find any good takedown instructions or videos.  Anyone here know of any links or have the basic steps?  I've figured out so far:

1) remove 2 receiver body pins in rear
2)hold both stock release buttons up
3)pull out bolt assembly and stock assembly
4)remove allen key on bolt hold open release button & remove bolt release button
5)knock out trigger pin and pull out trigger

from here I cant seem to figure it out or find any instructions.. I saw one for a KSC MP7 that said unscrew the flash hider and then you can pull out the rest of the internals but that doesn't seem to be the case on the KWA unless Im mistaken?  Any help appreciated thx.

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Posted 21 April 2010 - 11:59 AM


Well how far do you want to take it apart? Like everything? and if I may ask why? I completely field strip mine before but it was a waste of my time. You trying to install a TBB? Other than a TBB the only other thing I would need to take out of the MP7 is the bolt. Spiggy should be able to help you with the full strip. There is a diagram that shows the MP7 expanded fully apart that should be able to help as well.




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Posted 22 April 2010 - 01:28 PM

If it's a waste of time that's for me to decide, but It's okay I figured it out myself, one step I forgot was:

- Remove selector switch by allen key on the top right side.. then remove the flash hider and the whole internal lower assembly slides out.

One thing I noticed when looking at the Lower Internal Assembly on (2) different MP7's is that they're both Extremely thin and weak on the bottom near where the Trigger pin hole is.  If you look on the bottom side underneath the trigger pin hole, both of my Internal assemblies are cracked and actually missing part of the metal, it looks as if it will be completely gone eventually but I dont know.  Atleast the fiberglass body lies underneath this part so even if it did wear out completely nothing will move but I still think it's an Obvious design flaw and don't know how KWA didn't notice it with any endurance testing.. I have one MP7 that is pretty fairly worn and used and one that is almost Brand new with less than 20 mags through it, even the newer one shows the same amount of wear as the older one.  I put a pic but its horrible quality cus of the crappy iPhone lens that is 5 years behind and never gets updated.. another story.

Another design flaw is the charging handle.. it should be atleast a stronger type of plastic if not metal.. I dont buy the fact that "the real steel one is plastic" the real steel is fiberglass composite material not cheap plastic like this airsoft, and it's a very functional part that you use all the time with gas blow backs, which is why it should be reinforced and reliable or atleast readily replaceable.  

Sounds like most people don't have a problem with it and I wouldn't have thought of it except for the Very First time I pulled the charging handle back on my Brand New MP7 it just cracked right off.. very dissapointing to say the least, but luckily only one side of the tab broke so I can still use it or else I'd be completely screwed for now as KWA is out of stock on the replacement charging handle.  Anyways just my observations fwiw.

Also fyi the reason I needed to get to the middle was to find the problem to my previous post about the MP7 bolt always locking back after every shot.  Only way to get to the bolt catch lever assembly is a detail strip.  Turned out the little spring that holds the bolt catch lever down in it's normal position had gotten dislodged and therefore the lever was riding up and effectively catching my bolt every shot.  Put the spring back in place and voila- not sure how it got knocked loose but if anyone else has this problem now you know.  The spring is very thin and small but still seems to be a freak occurence.. Very common for me for some reason I always get some random problem no one else has ever had.

Anyways you can merge these two posts or close the other one, thanks.

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