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MP7 Bolt Always Locks Back

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Posted 14 April 2010 - 10:46 AM

Having a problem with my MP7 and I didn't see anyone else with the same problem so I thought I'd post.  Just bought this gun used a few days ago and it was running flawlessly until I dryfired a magazine through it.  

Now i know it's generally not a good idea to dryfire any weapon but I wouldn't think one mag would mess up the whole gun.  Anyways ever since that when I pull back the charging handle to cock the gun it stays in the locked back position; regardless of whether there's a full magazine with b.b.s or even no magazine at all.  

The bolt catch lever seems to be sitting too high and so it's catching the bolt every time, even though the bolt catch release lever's are sitting in their normal position on the receiver.  I literaly have to hold the bolt catch release lever in the "up" position just to let the bolt cycle and shoot.  

I thought it could be the magazine but like I said it does this without the magazine in it.  Any ideas or tips or anyone had the same problem? I'm thinking maybe part 41 (bolt catch lever) or 45 (bolt catch lever reset) but I haven't even taken apart the gun yet as I haven't had time and don't know the MP7 assembly process yet.  I'd hate to have to spend another $50 and waiting more time to send it into kwa but that may be what i have to do.  

*also on a side note, my charging handle broke the first time i racked it back (not even that hard mind you)  KWA you should make that thing metal especially since on a GBB you actually USE the charging handle a lot.  anyone else ever had that problem?*

Thanks for looking guys appreciate any info

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