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Original Mac 11 problem

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Posted 27 August 2009 - 06:50 PM

Hey guys...a few years back i purchased the KWA Mac 11 GBB. I used it off and on, not too much though. So the other day i try to use it to make sure its still working, but it doesnt look like its working. Ill put the mag in and fill it up with green gas, and it will shoot about 3 shots until it stops. It makes a sound similar to what it sounds like when u need more gas, but I just filled it. And the top bolt on the mac 11 goes to the middle position instead of back where it would be ready to fire again. So does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Should i try a new mag? Thanks guys

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Posted 12 September 2009 - 04:27 PM


I had the same problem with a KWA M11 I bought used that arrived today and I fixed it just about 5 minutes ago.  The symptoms were very similar; it would shoot semi or full one round and the bolt would come back half way and stop.  There was no binding, as we could easily pull the bolt back from this half way position and it would reset just fine.  We also pulled the bolt back, then layed our finger across the back of the bolt so it just touched the back of the knob on the top to see if it was not coming all the way back or if it was coming back fully and getting stuck going forward.  If the bolt came back and touched our finger, it came all the way back and got stuck going forward, but this was not the case.  It was not coming back fully from a single shot and getting stuck half way.

I then did what I always do with a used gun; I completely disassembled it, checked all the components and cleaned everything metal with alcohol and a toothbrush, then re-oiled all the parts and re-assembled.  This time it had your exact symptom, as it would fire about three rounds full auto and stop half way back.  I figured the gun was working properly and turned my attention to the magazine.  The previous owner told me it was not holding gas before I bought it, so I ordered several spare parts, to include two bottom seals, a top seal and a new fill valve, as they can get worn or damaged over time.  Fortunately it was no leaking gas, but the top rubber seal on the magazine looked worn and was the easiest to replace first, so we took it off and replaced it with a new seal.  We then loaded a new magaazine with green gas and BB's ... Rock and Roll baby!!!  She worked like new!  Take a look at your small square rubber seal on the top of your mag and see how worn it is and chances are it may take care of your problem.

Also, a big hats off to KWA for having the parts I needed...the arrived a day before the gun so I was ready for it!!!

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