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Buying Vector Receivers

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Posted 16 May 2014 - 06:36 AM

First post here :)

I recently was looking around online and found an interesting product being sold by a major airsoft retailer. It was a KWA KMP9, complete externally, but missing all the internals. I wanted to make sure it was legit before I purchased them, so I sent off a ticket to the Help Desk. The answer I got was that the item was msot likely not legitimate because said retailer was not a authorized KWA dealer.

Backstory out of the way, I still kind of wanted to pick up the external parts (Just no internals) for at least one of the GBB SMGs. The CS rep included this sentence at one point in his email: "We do carry receivers for all of our products. However we are out of stock on receivers for guns we no longer distribute (such as the MP7A1). "

This brought to mind a few questions, especially with all the confusingness about many of the GBB SMGs. First, is the KRISS Vector Discontinued, or is it no longer distributed? (Or both.) And second, if these receivers and other parts are in stock, how would I go about ordering them?

Thanks much!
(The reason I want to pick up empty GBB shells is because I plan on doing a custom AEP project, as there are none on the market now that satisfy what I am looking for).

-EDIT: I checked the ProShop again, and found that the upper is not shown on the site. I'm kind of looking for a way to streamline the whole process without having to track down every sswitch and knob, so the question has kind of changed to how can I order the receivers, with all the necessary mag release/fire selector and etc. buttons together, with no GBB parts and leaving the inside empty?

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