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Massive thanks to the Pro Shop

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Posted 26 June 2009 - 11:35 AM

So yesterday I was browsing to through the forum and noticed that KWA can ship out of the US so I sent a message through the help desk inquiring about it not expecting a reply for at least a couple days if at all.  Well less than 2 hours after submitting I get a response from Tony saying that yes they do ship to Canada and to just reply with my order and shipping info to speed up the on phone time. Which was awesome to hear from a company most will keep you on the phone for ages which'd rack up the long distance.  So I of course reply with my order and shipping info.  

     I had to go into work today (I'm on leave) to go check out the submarine where I can't take my blackberry with me (high security zone).  So I finished up on the sub and headed back to get changed and head home and thought to check my messages and BAM, there was an email from Tony that said that the order was submitted and he just needed me to call in with my credit card #.  By this time I am super happy about it.  I barely made out of the dockyard gates when I reached into my pocket pulled out my mastercard, pulled out my phone and called in.  After I mentioned the Ticket # I was transfered to Tony who was super awesome and very courteous.  He took my info. How he managed to understand me through my excitement and thick Canadian accent I'll never know(The last one's a joke I don't really have one I think).  He said it'll be processed and sent out as long as I am patient with the mail which I Chuckled about (It takes a while for the mail man on the dog sled to get here not to mention my igloo doesn't have a # on it).    All said and done from them picking up after the first ring to me thanking Tony it took a total of 2 minutes 46 seconds.

So to wrap this up I just wanted to send a massive THANK YOU to everyone over @ KWA but especially Tony.  You did an amazing job and you have a repeat customer for parts and once I find a new importer, guns.  Here in the Canadian Navy we have a saying to acknowledge a person for an outstanding job that's over and above what is actually required and that saying is BRAVO ZULU and Tony, you get a big one of those.

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Posted 26 June 2009 - 04:37 PM

Thank you for the kind words.  :)

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