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LM4 PTR & PTS Magazine Valves failure (sticky valves)

magazine leaking; valves;

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Posted 11 April 2014 - 04:52 AM

So I have 9 LM4 magazines and I'm fed up of them all!
In September last year I purchased 2 LM4 PTRs and 1 LM4 PTS from a UK retailer. Initially all items worked well and I was thoroughly impressed with KWA over WE as we also have several of their GBB long rifles.

Over the last two weeks as the weather in the UK is warming and GBBs are now more usable I've started to use these KWA guns again. I should also add that while the guns and magazines are several months old each has proberbly had no more than 1000 BB's through and as we only use these guns for practising indoors CQB drills non have been skirmished.

Out of the 9 magazines that I own (total cost £495) all have now failed. The worse culprit is valve failures. That is when the top release valve remains open allowing the gas to simply flow out as it flows in from the bottom.

If anybody has a fix for this problem then I am very interested in knowing it. Please do not direct me to other threads in this forum as I have been through the entire forum and while the problem for "Sticky" valves is discussed in several threads no fix is offered. What I can say is that simply stripping down, re-silicone and resealing does NOT fix the valves. They simply remain open.

One possible solution would be to replace the O rings on the valves but living in the UK there is no one who supplies these KWA items. Maybe KWA would like to share the specific O ring sizes with us so that I can purchase suitable alternatives? This has also been asked in another thread but I guess KWA likes to withhold this information as they would prefer customers to purchase their O rings from their proshop rather than others which is fine if you can get them but we in the UK cant, we cant even get the replacement valves!

Of course replacing O rings wont really fix this problem. As someone who owns 3 KWA LM4's and 9 magazines I can safely say that while these parts are failing it is because of bad design, substandard materials used and lack of testing. In the UK we have laws that relate to sale of goods and products and that those products should be of a reasonable quality.  With 5 out of 9 magazine valves failing with such limited usage I believe these problems are caused by substandard parts used. I also believe that KWA are allowing these parts to be produced knowing that customers will have no alternatives but to purchase new valves/O rings etc from their proshop and in short spend even more money with repeat business purchasing KWA fixings for KWA faults.

Now maybe some of you just think I've been unlucky or I'm just having a moan but bare in mind this week I've also had to carry out a number of so called "mods" on my 3 LM4s to get them working again. One of these "Mods" being the failure of the bolt retaining catch to hold open the bolt. Now this fault hasnt just happened on 1 of my 3 rifles, no, its happened on all 3, all strangley enough at the same time after the same amount of usage. first one, then the next and finally the 3rd, all in this week. Now call me stupid but I think this failure is down to KWA. If I'd have bought a new car and the brakes failed it would be the manufacurers responsibilty to put the fault right and not mine!

What seems strange in the airsoft world is that people are quite happy to except these production faults. Personaly I'm happy to see KWA have now introduced a revised bolt catch and that I can purchase it for $9.50 (well i could if i lived in the US) But you know what?! I think KWA should be giving these things away Free of Charge! It is after all their design and their substandard parts which are failing so why it is me who has to purchase the replacements and then spend my time fixing their faults?

Having 5 magazine valves fail on me I now find myself asking this same question again.

Now if KWA could A) advise me how to fix these "sticky/non closing" valves or B) what size and type of O rings I need to replace these one's I would realy appriciate it.....after all I have spent the best part of £2000 on your products and quite frankly I'm starting to think I shoudnt have.

You state these products are Professional Training Products. Well i train the professionals and these products and the maintenance they require are falling well short of where they should be!

[left]Tony Bradley

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