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Kriss magazine not feeding

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Posted 15 March 2014 - 10:01 AM

I've had my kriss for a couple months now and it has been preforming well with the exception of the magazines. The one it came with fired well at first, but after a month or so the bbs started getting stuck a few cm from the top. Then in an effort to unclog  them I damaged the top of the magazine.So I just bought another mag and already its having the same problem. I fire on semi and the first two rounds fire fine, but the third always seem to get stuck. If anyone has any suggestions or advice that would be great!

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Posted 06 April 2014 - 08:45 PM

If the BBs are getting stuck before they even reach the magazine lips, then my initial impression would be that you have a dirty magazine. This is a fairly easy problem to solve:
1. Remove Baseplate
This is done by using a srewdriver or anything else that will fit to push down on the bottom of the magazine baseplate lock (part 359), this is the only "hole" on the bottom of your magazine besides the fill valve. While applying pressure to the baseplate lock, push the baseplate extremely hard forward until it comes off.
2. Remove spring, baseplate lock, and magazine follower.
Once the baseplate is off, you will see a small pin on one side of the basplate lock, push it out and pull on the baseplate lock.
WARNING: At this point, the spring will come flying out and take the baseplate lock with it. DO NOT point the spring towards your face (or any part of you), make sure you have the baseplate lock and continue on. Next, slide off the magazine outer case and pull out the magazine follower.
3. Cleaning.
Take cleaning patches or paper towels or whatever and put them on a cleaning rod. Insert the cleaning rod into the magazine from the bottom and rotate while moving it through. Repeat this step until it is completely clean.
4. Reassemble
Do steps 1 and 2 in reverse.

By the way, if the part of the magazine that you damaged was the feed lips, I believe KWA has those available in their store for a couple bucks.

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