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226 ptp blowback: the final solution?

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Posted 02 October 2013 - 09:39 AM

I am new to this forum, don't have a kwa, but have had a ksc 226 for about 5 years. Ksc make both these bad boys. I bought this first one with 3 mags spanking new; it is still flawless . I presume it is first gen, as it has a different firing pin and blowback outlet on the underside rear of the slide. Also, there is no serial number above the rail and the finish is more realistic.
I bought another one early last year, with two mags , second hand , for our team load out, we now have three and six mags.
However, the two newer pistols would intermittently misfire, pop, or not blowback enough to cycle.
After careful cleaning , inspection, cylinder stripping etc, I started to think it must be the hammer spring, resulting in the hammer not hitting the firing pin hard enough .
But then, why would some mags feed?
I noticed most of the knocker valves on the mags had dings, from loading in to an uncocked weapon. So I turned the valves clockwise to a position where there was a clean edge, as I knew the firing pin only really hits the upper part of the valve, thinking this would give the correct stroke length back , as the pin can only travel finite distance .
This worked to a degree, but still odd misfire.
Then, I noticed out of six mags, two of the newer ones had their knocker valves slightly protruding out past the magazine body. So, after some test firing, I finally singled out the two aforementioned mags as rogue! All the other mags fed and fired and locked back beautifully.
Then I realised, that it was stroke length, but it wasn't the pistol! After all this time, getting three pistols and the mags together , and being able to extensively test and tinker, I think I've cracked it!
I tried to tighten the valves firstly, to see if I could resolve the projecting of the head, but couldn't get them in any more, I knew it was only a hair width inside the body, as opposed to a hairs width out, but I didn't want to strip the valve or the mag thread.
So, out came the leather men , and I proceeded to carefully file the head of the valve down, using an up and down the mag motion, not touching the sides of the mag, keeping integrity of the fit in the pistol .
I filed both down, til they were flush with the mag body only , with full gas charge, as it would only be possible to do this by taking the valve out, but then risk taking too much off.
Then I test fired, waited , test fired etc, till I was satisfied there were no flukes, or indeed rogues or misfire issues.
The weapons now fire all mags flawlessly! Cycle and lock back are now fully funtional. I am now fully confident in these weapons for skirmish/ back up.
I would be interested to hear from anyone with any feedback , as I know these ptp' s have had a bit of a hard time of it. I have read of people sending these back multiple times, only to have the same issues over.
These are not lemons, these are beautiful, well made  replicas of a top pistol. I just think that the valves may vary in supply and manufactured differently?
Has any one sent their mags off to kwa with the pistol?

If you have had this problem, try the file fix before you send the pistol back....you don't need to mess with the pistol, and so your warranty won't he affected either...win win!!
Oh, and lube those bad boy slides, then go enjoy!
Also, the puff sound when you put a mag in without cocking the slide back is because the firing pin is in the way. Thus damaging your valves and potentially your firing pin and mech.
So I guess treat this like a real firearm and learn the drills...magpul dvds rule!

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