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ATP/Auto Parts Compatibility

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#1 jcleland



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Posted 25 September 2013 - 01:15 AM

Hi Everyone,

Is there a general "rule of thumb" when it comes to upgrading an ATP Auto with respect to parts compatibility? My problem is that I don't often see upgrade parts that say "ATP Auto" in the compatibility list. For example, I was checking Evike for frames and started looking through this page:


I'm not sure what, if any, would work with my gun's internals. Also, speaking of frames, what about mag compatibility assuming any of these frames would work with an ATP Auto's internals? Slides are another thing. I might eventually like a DE frame with a nicer black slide.

It almost looks like WE18C frames would work, but there are lots of other upgradable parts to consider and, honestly, I'm not in the mood to dremel on another frame for the steel mag catch just yet (spent HOURS on that). So what do I look for in terms of parts compatibility? Is there any consistency between KWA/WE/KSC? Sorry if that's a newbie question. Maybe there ARE ATP Auto upgrade parts that I'm just not finding... ??? Here's an example: Hammer springs and impact blocks. I've installed a Guarder steel mag catch (best upgrade ever, requires some skill to install), but I'm thinking it would be cool to have a stronger impact block when mine wears out and possibly a 150% hammer spring. What works with the Auto? I know the ATP hammer spring is different...

To date, I've installed the aforementioned mag catch, upgraded metal recoil spring/guide and buffered that as much as possible so that the slide lock still engages (left about 1.5mm beyond slide catch, about 8mm of blocking on the recoil spring guide), and a Mad Bull TBB. I'm shooting 0.28's at about 300 FPS which is nothing all that special, but it beats the 240-250 FPS I was seeing with loose mags and the stock mag catch. I'm waiting on Hurricane release valves now, hence the beefed up recoil spring, although the snappiness of the slide is pretty cool anyway and I've got enough pressure to hammer/reload and catch the slide on an empty mag so why not? :)

Thanks for the advice

#2 Dirt Bag

Dirt Bag


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Posted 28 September 2013 - 09:30 AM

I have never seen a replacement frame or slide for the ATP. I don't think they are out there. If you would like to have a different color frame, you can try using Duracoat.


You will want to remove all the parts of the frame prior to painting.

#3 niko_gpsy


    What's a Warranty?

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 02:25 PM

About the only compatible "upgrade" aftermarket parts that I have seen are the inner barrel, bucking, spring guide/spring, high flow release valve, hammer spring and jet valve.  No other frames or slides that I am aware of is compatible with the ATP since it is not a standard M18C and is unique from those models.

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