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Posted 13 September 2013 - 02:19 PM

So I bought a KWA M11 used, knowing from the seller that it did not work. I bought it as a fixer project. However, I thought I had bit off more then I could chew when, after looking all over online, there were no good complete disassembly guides.

A common problem with the M11 is with part #75. The spring gets worn out, or perhaps is damaged on installation by the KWA techs, and it results in no gas being expelled from the magazine when the trigger is pulled and bolt slams shut. I will address how to fix this problem in this guide. Note that you will need to order a new part #75 from KWA; it is not listed on their website, but if you call them they will mail you one for a couple dollars.

Now on to the disassembly guide:

I will assume that you know how to at least field strip your M11. Do this, removing the upper assembly, and put it aside. You should only have the lower assembly left (the lower half that includes the trigger, not the upper half of the gun that includes the bolt and barrel). Here are some pictures of how the lower is configured right now; this will come in handy later when you are trying to put it all back together.


Pull the trigger a few times and get an idea for how it all works. This will also help when putting it back together. Now, let's take it apart.

1. Pull up the "side spring" at the point where it holds the fire selector in place. The side spring is a copper colored bar that runs along the side of the gun, and it is part #90 in the manual. It will probably take a small flat head screwdriver or perhaps a curved tool to pull up the side spring here.
While holding the spring up, you should be able to pull out the fire selector. When it comes out, the wobbly plate (part 14) with a large spring underneath will now come out as well. Part 17, the piece in the 3rd image above that has a small spring attached to it, will also come out now. Put these parts and their springs aside. Here is a picture after the part 14 has come out, but before the part 17 has been taken out.


2. Next use a punch to push out the pin that is directly above the trigger. This is tricky because there is a cap on this pin that will get hung up in the side spring is youre not careful. to do this, push the side spring down with a thin screwdriver(so it relieves pressure from the pin) and then push the pin out with a punch. The punch should push from the side of the gun where the side spring is.
The side spring will fly out when you do this. The trigger and 2 springs with it will also be ready to come out now. The smallest spring will be permanently attached to the trigger but the other one is free now.

3. Using a tiny punch, punch out the pin holding the plastic safety piece onto the frame of the gun. This is pretty easy but it is a very small part so be sure to catch it when it falls out.
Careful as the part 18, along with 89 and 112, may now be ready to fall out as well. 112 is a very very tiny ball bearing! 89 is a very small spring, but it seems to be pretty well stuck inside its little cave. Still, be careful with the piece it's inside so as not to lose it. Here is a picture of everything out except for part 18:


4. The last step to removing the metal part of the lower receiver from the plastic frame of the gun is to push in the stock release button (push it ALL the way in, with the eraser end of a pencil or something) and then slide the metal receiver out! Yay! Note that the slide release button will have two small springs with it.

NOW, your lower is nearly totally disassembled. However, if you have the problem of no gas release when the trigger is pulled and bolt slams shut, then continue to follow this guide.
The problem I will be fixing is the one i describe in detail in this thread:

This the impact hammer area, where we will be working now.

5. First, remove the tiny retainer clip (part 102) that is around the left edge of the thicker bar. it will be a little tricky to get it out. I had to use a small tool in each hand to try to push the retainer clip out. Note that it is shaped like a circle but with about 1/3 of the circle missing, so you can just push on each edge of the clip and force it to open up and come off the bar.

6. Push the pin out holding it all together from left to right. It didnt take much force on mine, it all just slid out. Keep a thumb on top of the assembly as the springs will cause it to all fly out if you dont. Take out the orange/gold piece #24 and its spring and put them aside.

7. This is a long and involved step, and I don't have any pictures for you. You just need to pull the little impact hammer spring assembly apart (it will fall apart when you pull it) and replace the impact hammer spring (part 75) with the new one you got from KWA pro shop. Put the assembly back together and put it back in, along with the golden part 24 and its spring. You will have to put it all in at the same time, because the long bar of part 66 has to fit in with part 24 when you put them both in. Make sure springs part 74 and 75 are oriented correctly. Refer to the thread I posted earlier for more pictures on how these should be configured. Also make sure the impact block is facing towards the magazine when it is all back together. Don't put the retaining clip back on until you have the whole assembly back in. Put the clip on and slide the pin back through it all. Again, this is a difficult step and if you need some help, just reply to this thread and I will try my best to help you out.

Follow the directions in reverse order to put the gun back together. As for the problem causing no gas release, It seems that the spring #75 is the wrong diameter for the bar it sits on, which causes it to bend, pop out of place and ultimately cause the problem previously described. The new one still bends in a bad way, but I am hoping that it will not cause the gun to fail. I just put 2 mags through the gun on full/semi auto with the new replacement spring 75 and it has not failed yet, so i am hopeful.

Again, if you need any help, post here and I will try my best to give you some assistance.
Good luck!

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