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Need suggestions for g&g green bucking install

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Posted 10 May 2013 - 09:19 AM

Hey guys, need some advice. I installed a g&g green bucking in my sr10 and did three experiments with the nub. Green bucking with hard nub (Bic ink cartridge nub) bbs would overhop like crazy and with no hop applied at all. So then I put stock kwa nub with green bucking and I'm still seeing some overhop even with hop turned off completely. My range with kwa nub and green bucking is at 269 feet (measured with a measuring tape) and my son was able to get body shots on me. So what I want to know is what type of homemade nub can i make that will eliminate the overhop that the green bucking is causing (I even removed the nub completely but that results in the bb not going far at all).

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Posted 10 May 2013 - 05:13 PM

I had the same problem when I install the G&G bucking. All I did was take the hop up arm out and use a small round needle file to change the depth of the curve in the nub holder section.

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 12:22 PM

Thoughts / Suggestions:

- The mound on the G&G Green Bucking is too large to install a Bic Pen Mod as a substitute for a Nub.
- Use a standard Nub with this bucking or the Nub that came with the bucking.
- hellcat's suggestion is actually quite clever, it can work. If you are not very experienced with this kind of thing, it will just mess you up for when you get a standard nub in stock. If you don't have a standard Nub you can take from another gun, try cutting a
Danco #14 O-ring down to size
- Don't use a Nub-Mod with the G&G Green Bucking.
- Heavy Ammo. If this bucking install is for field play and not CQB, then use nothing less than .30 bb's. Some complain of over-hop when using a new G&G Green Bucking and using less than .30's. It takes a while to break the bucking in and have the mound shave down from normal use to better accommode bb weights such as .25's and less.

- Thoroughly clean the bucking with hot soap and water. Thoroughly rinse bucking removing all soap. Make sure bucking is dry before proceeding.
- Make sure when you install a G&G Green Bucking into your KWA Hop-up unit that you do so with the Hop-up unit dis-assembled. The constant repositioning of the inner barrel and bucking to get everything seated correctly will most likely move the nub out of position if going for a straight-up inner barrel install. This will just make for a  needlessly long day.
Tutorial on Hop-up Disassembly: http://kwausa.com/fo...p?showtopic=493
Like this:
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

You do NOT need to remove the Hop-up Arm Bolt, Hop-up Arm, or Forward Spring.
The Hop-up Arm will swing down and allow you to access the Hop-up Unit Chamber.
- Depending on what inner barrel you use, you may have a hard time inserting the barrel and bucking into the Hop-up unit. If this is the case, a few drops of 100%silicine oil on the bucking and in the Hop-up unit will make for an easy install.
Hobby Shops sell this. Thet call it Shock Oil. Get something around 30wt.
Here is what I use: Team Associated / 30wt
- Make sure to clean up the oil once the barrel and bucking are installed in the Hop-up unit chamber as well any places it is visually evident.
- Insert inner barrel with bucking all the way forward into the Hop-up unit.
You will most likely need to pull back a few mm's and re-seat the buckong a few times to get the bucking lips set correctly as well as the bucking mound in the barrel window set correctly.
- Install Nub and Chamber Spring, close Hop-up Arm, and test to see that the Nub functions and is set correctly by raising and lowering the Hop-up Arm and looking through the Hop-up Unit and down the inner barrel.
- Re-assemble Hop-up unit.

You may ind that this bucking will stretch out into the C-Clip area upon install preventing you from using the C-Clip. If you choose to use your C-Clip, it is perfectly fine to trim off the tail end of the bucking to accommodate the C-Clip. I do not use C-Clips, so this is not an issue for me.

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