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EVIKE horror story

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Posted 14 February 2013 - 07:56 AM

So I got my Magpul LM4 PTR from Evike in Dec. I live in Canada and the thing shows up a month after I paid for it. It did not get held in Customs, it sat for weeks at Evike shipping center before it was even shipped. I had to phone after a couple weeks to find out WTF was going on. I was shocked when it finnaly showed to find what appeared to be a new gun loaded with poor fitting Magpul components. The Pmag was so loose it litteraly flopped around in the magwell. I added electricians tape to everything to tighten it up. I immediatly contaced Evike, but due to the Xmas holidays they did nothing. The gun jammed and double fed and vented the gas charge constantly. I prolly got a few mags of trouble free shooting before the feed lips broke. After Xmas I sent pics to Evike at there requst and then heard nothing. Finnaly I realise my window to file a claim with Paypal was about to expire. I warned Evike I would file a claim and heard nothing back. The following day I went to file a claim when I heard nothing and to my dismay the time limit had expired. Evike no longer answered any of my emails. I was livid. I filed a dispute with Visa and they got ahold of Evike and they refunded me for the mag I had to purchase. They did not pay for any shipping, which cost me over $50.00 with brokerage feees etc. Visa contacted me and told me unless I returned the gun they could not help me and as I paid a small fortune in brokerage, customs and shipping to get the gun and was not eligable to get any of that money back and Evike refused to pay for return shipping I am stuck with a piss poor Magpul PTS. Thanks for making my Xmas so special Evike. Thanks for the great customer service and thanks for hiding behind rediculous no return policys and a zero customer service policy. I will not hestitate to make all my future airsoft purchases from anyone but Evike.com. Visa closed my dispute because I did not return the gun.  Also I feared retuning the gun to Evike as I have no trust in them at all felt they would try and turn this all around to make it my faut and deny me a full refund to further my loss. Just because Evike has a lower price, beware of the complete lack of customer service and read all the fine print when you agree to purchase from them as they stand behind those rediculous rules 100%




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Posted 14 February 2013 - 08:21 AM

Geez! These stories keep on coming. I hate to say it, but I'm not suprised. They have garbage service. I seems every day there is another Evike horror story on the forums. And they get worse each time. I have never had a single problem with Airsoft GI, in fact the only screw up they ever had was sending me a gun that cost 3 times as much as what I bought. I've had better service from Ehobby Asia and they're in Hong Kong. I officially give up on Evike.

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Posted 14 February 2013 - 08:37 AM

Evike as a terrible reputation, for Canadian customers at least; it is well known and discussed at length on ASC... I'm not saying it's all your fault and that you deserves this (nobody deserve this kind of treatment) but doing some research before buying help greatly

I guess it is one of those moment you say you learned something the hard way... :/

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Posted 14 February 2013 - 11:26 AM

Locking this thread because it's mainly about Evike.  Also moving this to General Chat.  

If you would like to find a solution on fixing the gun then please contact our Helpdesk at www.kwausa.com/support

Thank you,

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