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KWA USP dry firing and gas efficiency issues?

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 09:17 AM

Hey guys. I recently got a KWA USP in a trade and the gun is somewhat problematic.

Firstly, it won't empty a mag. The gas runs out too soon for some reason. There is no big puff of gas, and I'm filling each mag for at least 25 seconds. I tried a new can of gas, but that didn't change anything. The slide blows back all the way on the first 5 ish shots, then it shoots 15 more with the slide only blowing back half way. At this point, it runs out of gas.
I'm really not sure what could cause this. After comparing the recoil spring it came with to the one in the pro shop pictures, I noticed that mine has 3 more coils (21) than the stock spring (19). I also appears to be stretched out a little more than the stock one. The original owner said he didn't upgrade the spring, and that he was able to get 2 full mags out of it in one fill in 75 degree weather. However I tested the gun indoors and it had the same issue.
Secondly, The gun dry fires every other shot after I've fired about 5 rounds. I checked the mags, feeding ramp, hop up rubber, and nozzle. Everything seems to be working fine and be in good condition, except the hop up rubber. So far, I think the hop up rubber is swollen. When I first got the gun, I put a small amount of oil into the feed ramp of one of the mags, then fired the rounds off. Of course, only then did I remember that you weren't supposed to do that. :blinded:  Would my description of the problem suit a swollen hop up rubber?

By the way, I also cleaned out each magazine thoroughly. Both issues are still prevalent.

I'm fairly sure both problems could be solved by getting a new recoil spring assembly and hop up, but I wanted to check with you guys first before I spent $30 on parts that could possibly solve nothing.

I can provide pictures if needed. I can't promise very high quality ones, though.

Thanks in advance.

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