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KWA training for kids..

kids education learn safety

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 10:15 PM

My daughter will be 7 in a few weeks.  I started to think back and I was about the same age when I got my first BB gun.  By 14 I earned a NRA Sharpshooter award in the BSA on the 50ft 22cal small bore target range.  I started early so, why not start her out on the right foot.  With the attention to detail KWA has put into their training gear, I felt it was safer to teach her about proper use and care of a gun with airsoft than using real steel.  And thanks to KWA I can do just that.  Besides, I want to see the face of the boy my daughter brings home when she breaks down a gun for me to clean just before a first date ( don't F* with this B*).  My first airsoft gun was a KWA M9 PTP and it blew me away how close to the real steel it was.  I recommend it highly for teaching kids how to properly respect the power of a firearm.

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#2 Chuck S

Chuck S


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Posted 26 January 2013 - 08:04 AM

In my opinion semi-automatics and select fire guns are horrible choices for starting kids off in firearms training, especially the safety part.

A gun they need to cock every shot provides a fail safe once the trigger is pulled for the shot as it won't fire again -- and accidental discharge is the appropriate term for a 7-year old that would be negligence for an adult.

My favorite?  Ya really can't beat the olde Daisy #25 (punp) for this purpose.  Yep, you'll probably have to cock it for her.  This gives you a lot of control.  Daisy brought this back a few years ago, complete with "walnut" stock and foregrip.  They added a safety to it as well.

Posted Image

In .22LR one of the old Winchester or Taurus pump rifles offer much of the same control and the external hammer lets you know it's ready to shoot.

Posted Image

Let them handle semi-automatic or select fire, even in airsoft, only after the safety and marksmanship standards have been achieved.

-- Chuck

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Posted 26 January 2013 - 08:32 AM

I tend to agree with Chuck.  Also, this is better suited for Community General Chat.  Topic moved.

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 09:53 AM

You know I was reading an article in the paper today (New York Times I think, it's on the front page if you're interested) about getting younger people familiar with guns.  And I was thinking the same thing.  Teaching people with an airsoft or BB gun is a great idea.  After all that's what law enforcement uses KWAs for.  I remember the first time I shot a 10mm, I was at my friend's house and his dad had me shoot a KWA first, then a real 9mm, then the 10mm.  That was when I first started shooting more.  It's all about working up to it.  Just like you wouldn't hand someone a rifle chambered for say a .50cal bmg before having them shoot things like a 7.62 or .416.  It's all about educating people well about guns and starting slow before letting them shoot bigger stuff.

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