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Plugging air leaks

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Posted 04 May 2009 - 11:50 AM

In general, what are some strategies for plugging air leaks in an AEG?  I understand that a lot of power can be lost if air is leaking from where it needs to be compressed (either inside the mechbox, in the hopup, etc.), so taking care of that could be a great way to improve a rifle.  But I'm not clear on how one diagnoses and repairs air leaks.  Any suggestions?

I'm curious about general strategies, not just those specific to KWA (especially since KWA rifles seem to be put together so well to begin with).

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Posted 04 May 2009 - 03:15 PM

Well depending on where the leak is, as far as i know these are the places:

Air nozzel
Cylinder head
Piston Head
Hop up/Bucking

For air nozzel i really don't know but i heard some air nozzel have o rings in them such as the brand guarder but seeing KWA air nozzel is special, its not going to work without replacing the hop up. (But again other hop up don't work well with KWA receivers without modification)

Cylinder head - Fix the o ring or get a different one with two o rings. But i heard wrapping the o ring with teflon tape can improve the compression and fix leaks.

Piston Head - Get a different o ring because it may be worn out. Wrap the o ring around your cylinder and heat it up to expand it(i heard this helps) then soak it in silicone oil for it to expand.

Hop up bucking / Hop up - Do the teflon mod(wrap teflon tape around the hop up bucking). And you may want to fix the bucking incase it is not set right. Check hop up spring.

To see if you have a leak:

Air nozzel - Im guessing cover the air nozzel with your finger then push the piston through the cylinder, if theres resistance and stops then you got compression. I don't know, never tried testing this. You may need to know if theres a leak in the piston head before you do this.

Cylinder head - I heard you take out the piston, put the cylinder head in and cover the port on the cylinder, and cover the cylinder head hole, and you put your mouth on the cylinder and blow. If air goes through then there can be a leak.

Piston head o ring - Cover the cylinder head hole, put your piston into your cylinder, try to push it through, if it goes through then theres a leak.

Hop up / Bucking - assemble your mechbox, push your gearbox air nozzel(when fully extended out) against the hop up bucking thats inside the hop up, your suppose to feel a rubbery feel. Also i heard you can do this, put your mag into your gun, take it out with the gun upside down so theres around 3-4 rounds in the feeding tube. Then fire, if the BBs bounce out theres suppose to be an air leak because the BB gets blown out by the air.

I may be wrong since im not that good with this stuff but this is what i was told.

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