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11-17-12 another good day out for KWA's!

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 02:04 PM

DemonDave & me went to another open match and played on the green sides....  the rest of our team was "busy" with a football game..  

the host was expecting a small turnout but we still had around 50 & for Ohio in late November?  thats pretty good.

lots of first timers plus a crew of tan "super soldiers" against the mainly rookie green side...   fast & furious was the game, pace and day.

all short scenarios'..  longest one was about an hour...  tons of running and lots of kills to be had for everyone.

the field we have been playing is developing very quickly and is based on a 110 acre area of hills/woods/valleys/creeks & then the owner is throwing in bases and structures all over the place...  

since it wasnt "team hosted" we didnt use the full acreage & stuck to the 3 main areas of villages & bunkers witch still allowed the woods to come into play.

on top of the old basic capture the flag, take & defend, hostage rescue and last man standing games we also played a fairly new to us game again called CHAOS... its exactly that.   its non stop action till the last man is gone.

since this is a KWA forum for those who dont know me or Demon...  ive always ran KWA's & recently moved my best friend over to one as well for his birthday....  

we run stock guns other than Rhops & 11.1 Lipo's.  people just cant believe the shots we make with these or that we still work as an assault team with M16's..   but we do.

good news is people used to zone in on me by the sound of my gun ripping....   now with Demon using the same gun/bbs/batts  there are 2 of us that sound the same and they cant figure which of us it is. :-)

our team (T.O.G) is a basic 7 man group with 3-4 junior members who play once in a while.... so we use the basic maneuvers that everyone learns.  nothing fancy... just hard work and smart movements..

our guns are well respected by anyone who plays against us & we relish in getting that first salvo on people.  we aim for the center mass, then if they dont call it?  we work our way up to the ears..   honesty is still the most important part of this game.

if you didnt get to play this weekend?

then we hope you get to shoot soon!

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 10:04 PM

Gotta love a good day of Airsoft.
I was able to get out and spend another day at the range completeing some test objectives with my KWA DMR.
Glad your guns are still rock'n and you had a good day.

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