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SVT Cobra's Photo

SVT Cobra

SR12 Carbine...love!
Feb 10 2015 06:32 PM
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I thought the Challenge Question to register mean what the 3rd letter meant, not what it was D: Was so frustrated!
Jan 07 2015 02:18 PM
rjthompson1014's Photo


what size allen key fits a kwa mp7 selector switch
Jan 04 2015 06:28 PM
gcw360's Photo


Motors, motors, motors. I am currently obsessed, or at least moderately driven, to find the best out there from both a performance and build standpoint.
Oct 19 2014 06:46 PM
wilgix's Photo


loving my mp7 and kriss :)
Jul 17 2014 02:40 PM
Tommy Butera's Photo

Tommy Butera

lm4 double feeding.
Apr 20 2014 05:37 AM
SeanCollins's Photo


No toilet paper, goodbye socks!
Mar 27 2014 12:43 AM
SeanCollins's Photo


Damn, I just got a craving for scalloped potatoes!!
Mar 25 2014 02:43 PM
Wolf9653's Photo


H&K 416 GBBR, make it happen, please!
Mar 22 2014 08:08 PM
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Huanxi Wu

It would be great if KWA makes a H&K 416 GBBR.
Mar 16 2014 09:33 PM
Rain Man's Photo

Rain Man

Shoot to Thrill
Mar 14 2014 06:12 AM
BroHanSolo's Photo


Just a bush with an AEG in its hands.
Mar 11 2014 07:54 PM
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just remembered I have an account here...
Feb 20 2014 09:43 PM
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Get my KWA LM4 PTR bolt catch working
Feb 18 2014 08:32 AM
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So, Derek told me earlier today that he could calculate the square root of any number. I asked him what the square root of two was. He's been at it for about 4 hours.
Jan 01 2014 11:22 PM