Based on the successful KM4A1, the KM4 RIS by KWA is a fully automatic electric gun that follows many of the same external aesthetic features of the original AR15 style rifle. The KM4 RIS features a full Rail Interface System that allows users to attach weapon accessories in various configurations. Full metal alloy receivers ensure that the weapon is strong and robust. Flat top railed receivers and a removable BUIS allows the user to attach various optics. A six positioned crane stock gives the operator the most comfortable shooting position while housing a variety of batteries. Updated with the proven 2GX gearbox and enhanced 2G hop-up bucking, the KM4 RIS provides long lasting reliability and performance for those seeking a mission ready combat rifle.


Tech Specs

Caliber 6 mm
Magazine Capacity 120 rounds
Power Source 9.6v NiMh, 7.4v or 11.1v 15c Li-po/Li-Fe

Dim. / Wt

Inner Barrel Diameter:
Inner Barrel Length:
Outer Barrel Length:
Overall Length (Retracted):
Overall Length (Extended):

6.05 mm
395 mm
36.83 cm [14.5"]
80.65 cm [31.75"]
88.9 cm [35.0"]
3.18 kg [7.01 lbs]

Performance Rate of fire:
Energy Output with 0.20g BB:
20+ RPS
118-125 MPS [390-410 FPS]
1.49 Joules
Special Features
  • Full metal alloy flat top upper receiver
  • Full metal alloy lower receiver
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • KWA 2GX gearbox
  • KWA 2G high performance bucking
  • 2 piece Rail Interface System
  • Adjustable front and rear sights
  • Removable rear sight
  • 6 position battery stock with battery compartment
  • Semi-automatic & automatic select-fire

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